Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I've moved my site!

Hi there anyone who has taken the time to look me up on-line. I will no longer post new posts here but I will leave this site active as long as Blogger don't take it down. I have a new website with the blog integrated into it and I will be posting there instead— come and visit me.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Give More Campaign goes live today!

Screen grabs of some of the components I have designed.
The wall of faces is an interactive widget which shows images of all the people who have pledged, pulled from various social media sites.

The wall of faces is an interactive widget which shows images of all the people who have pledged, pulled from various social media sites.

The video carousel.

The latest news banner.

A standard page template.

The Facebook banner and the footer.

These next few slides show grabs from the pledge process. Here the user has chosen to give more energy to education.

Once the user has made their pledge, they are asked to provide a little more information about themselves so that statistics can be drawn from the data and presented in other parts of the site. 

The user is thanked for pledging and given information on how they can follow through with their pledge. 

View a pledge: Clicking on a face on the wall, a user will see that person's pledge. I have just finished creating the generic character avatars for those users who don't want their images used. This is the male avatar. 

More to come.... as the site continues to evolve, I will add more grabs of the components I have designed. 

Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Give More site and campaign getting underway.

For the last year or so,  I have been working on a campaign spearheaded by the founder of the Pears Foundation. Through Public Life, we have been there from it's infancy. It has grown and changed, but the core message has always been the same- let's all pledge to give more to the causes and charities we care about... and then do it, of course. Not that we will check up on you- we trust you!

We created the logo and an initial web presence, which was used to describe the campaign to those who needed to get involved and move it forward successfully. With advice and recommendations from different sources, the campaign grew and changed-more agencies were brought on board and we went from handling everything, to taking care of the on-line presence... Public Life's speciality.

The logo and core brand didn't change much, but it did grow, as it should have done, and is now quite mature! The website is also growing and changing all the time, so please have a play and make a pledge - see how you can change things for the better. I could post stills of the design here, but seeing it working, and experiencing it is a far better way to appreciate it, so what are you waiting for? ... off you go

Friday, 9 March 2012

Mary Ward pitch visuals

Some snippets of a design I came up with for a friendly, London-based further education centre. These are only pitch visuals- so I cannot show the complete design here, but this will give you a flavour. I really liked working on this one.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Five Alls pub

Here are the logos I presented for this upscale pub in Oxfordshire. They decided to 'go their own way' with the rebrand, but I like the designs and think they had good potential.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Population Matters

Optimum Population Trust's website is now live. I designed this site and logo in October 2010. Here are images of some of the original site designs. Under the control of the client, it looks considerably different (read: 'they've mucked it up a bit')- but the framework is sound.


Issues landing page

Resources landing page

Standard page

Monday, 14 February 2011

The Guinness Partnership

Proposed designs for Guinness Partnership, illustrating our proposal for the homepage, the navigation dropdown and alternative banner treatment as well as a landing page. The client and agency decided to part ways in the middle of this project which was a great pity considering it was shaping up to be a lovely website.

Valentine's Day

Friday, 11 February 2011

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Felt bag

I made this felt bag for my niece, the purse has a button that it hooks onto inside the bag itself.

Pyjama monster

Sometimes I like to make things. This is a pyjama monster I made for my nephew in New Zealand. He is made from recycled clothes that my boys had grown out of.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Pears Foundation

Please visit the Pears Foundation website, to see the brand and website design I did with Public Life for this foundation.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Council on Bioethics

This branch of the Nuffield Foundation which explores the ethical issues in biology and medicine, was designed as part of the whole Nuffield on-line presence that I worked on with Public Life. Please visit the website at, the research and work they do is fascinating!

Nuffield Foundation- microsite design

The Nuffield Foundation has hundreds of microsites which we brought under a unified template, thus keeping down costs, labour saving and creating a common language for all areas under the Nuffield Foundation umbrella.

Nuffield Foundation

This is the website solution we came up with for the Nuffield Foundation. They focus on social issues and education, with an incredible amount of research going into those areas. There are have several subsidiaries, the largest of which is the Council on Bioethics.
Our aim was to design a website template that could be used for both the main foundation and it's largest branch, the Council on Bioethics. The resulting design has a similar structure to the navigation and footer areas, as well as using a uniform grid pattern but has been customised using the fonts and colours we introduced to extend the brands. Each site also has a very unique and recognisable hero area and image treatments which differentiate them.

Leukemia Research

I designed this website while Leukaemia Research were in the midst of a rebranding exercise and many of the decisions we made were incorporated into the final rebrand for the entire organisation.

Coming up with a design that fitted in with their interum brand identity, while portraying the serious research aspect of what they do AND appealing to thier community based and fun events participants, wasn't easy!


The Progressio website has finally gone live, with it's refreshed brand approach, see it here.

Monday, 25 January 2010


My good friend Kim has just recently introduced me to 'swishing' which you will be pleased to know is not 'swinging'! However the concept is not far off- a group of women arrange to meet up, each bringing a nearly new item of clothing or accessories they no longer wear. The items are all accumulated and organised, and at a particular point there's a free-for-all. No kicking, biting or punching allowed... although I'm sure that could be organised if that were the preferred method.

Anyway, Kim and I put these posters together for the two most recent events she's started.


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

DFID moodle education module skin

These are screens from a job I recently worked on with Public Life. The client was DFID (Department for International Development), they were using an education module called ‘moodle’ for staff training and needed it to tie in with their brand and existing website, while remaining a distinctively different environment. The resulting designs looked like these mock-ups.